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Hi guys, although Ive been selling for a good few years now, Ive just recently started selling on Brick Owl and would like to pick your brains.

Now, I seem to be getting some orders where the postage costs are for a small parcel, where its quite simple to see that it will fit into a large letter easily. Ok, no probs, I refund the difference to the buyer. BUT, looking at various parts, not only in my store, I see that BO has shipping prices at small parcel rates for even small parts and so buyers are seeing this and would probably be put off buying these parts.

For example: Part 6333996. To order this from my store its charging the price of the part and then small parcel size pricing.

Is there a way around this? Not really encountered something like this. Any advice/help would be appreciated.



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  • That particular part you mention 6333996 is missing its dimensions in the catalog, which is probably why it's throwing the shipping off.
    Add the missing dimensions for your parts and that should sort out the shipping :)

    You can check your inventory for other parts that are missing dimensions (and other data)...
    On your inventory page at
    Down the left side are various filters. There's a section called 'Missing Data'.
    Click on one of the options (height, length & width are individual options) and your inventory will be filtered.
    Then, click on a category and you can see all the relevant parts.
  • To add missing dimensions (see attached pic)...

    Open the part missing the dimensions.
    Click on the 'Edit' tab.
    You may see a message saying 'This is a colored version...' with a link to 'edit the normal uncolored version'. If so, click the link.
    Click the 'Dimensions' tab.
    Enter the relevant info and click the blue 'Submit for Approval' button at the bottom.
    Then just wait for admin to approve the changes.
  • Absolute star, I did think it was about the dimensions. Appreciate you showing me how as the site is pretty new to me. Thanks.
  • Im having a proplem sorting a quote request for larger items can someone help me please .
  • @pandf12 can you be more specific in your problem? I don't get many shipping quotes, but it is usually a straightforward process to work out how big and heavy an item is and give a quote based on Royal Mail dimensions/prices.
  • hi jay37 l have showing on my site request a shipping quote but l only want this for larger items and not smaller ones which l send 2nd class royal mail l have filled in all price bands but l cant seem to get my head around it why it will not change
  • hi jay37 sorry l think l want to remove the the shipping quote completely and l cant seem to work it out lve looked at everything lm missing something some where now but what HELP
  • @pandf12 It's under settings>shipping>request a quote. Click on it and scroll down, there is then an 'enable' box that you can un-check.

    Are you sure this is a good idea? There are bound to be some items in the inventory without complete dimensions or that fall outside your standard postage options.

    Also some customers just want a quote to see if an order is viable from them.
  • Note that if there are parts you are selling that exceed the bounds of the sizes/weights you've set in your shipping bands, BO will not let you disable Request a Quote I think, as to ensure every item being sold in the store has at least that one minimum shipping option. So if you still have disabling issues, look to your stock. White Horse smartly points out that some older items and instructions in the catalog lack dimensions - you can either measure the item and add the real dimensions (which helps EVERYONE! <s>) or live with the Request a Quote in that scenario. At least I think this is how it's setup here. :-)
  • IIRC, you can flag specific items to force a quote. Check the item listing, on your store side admin screen.
  • Thank you guys for your help l was concerned as we were selling quite well but since we now only have request a quote it seems to have stopped .
  • I Wonder if anyone can help me. Despite looking carefully at what other people on here have done I cannot seem to get my listings in stores from reading "Request a Shipping Quote" instead of the shipping price that I want to show....... HELP someone please. Thanking you in anticipation, Cindy
  • @pandf12 I think it's because the weight bands on your shipping method starts at 1g, it needs to zero.
  • Hi Mrs Swoop thank you for your thoughts l have changed it but still has not worked l have checked everything that other members have suggested but to no avail. Any more ideas think l must have done something simple wrong but l just cant work it out
  • @pandf12 there's also the minimum order value of £5, it will mean that individual items under that price won't qualify for that method.

    If you look at this one it does show the shipping price because it's more than £5.
  • YEAH thank you Mrs Swoop so much it worked l think l ended up looking at it so many times l just ended up going around in circles thank you so much .
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