Wanted list , Sending a list of uploaded products

I'm new to selling here.
My question would be the following.
if I have uploaded the products, how can I send out a wanted list so that the buyers know what I have uploaded.
Thank you very much !

Greetings lui


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  • Hi, buyers can create wishlists on Brick Owl and cross reference them against all or some stores (for example they may only want to pay domestic shipping so will exclude other countries). There is an automated email that buyers can set up so they are notified of parts being added by stores that meet their wants. You as a seller don't need to do anything towards this. Hope this helps.
  • Hello Jay37,

    Super ! Thank you very much !
    Big help for me .

    May I have another question?

    My first order has arrived.
    I set the shipping cost, but I couldn't find an option to add the paypal cost. Where do I know this? to do ?
    The other is that now I can't find the order under the order.
    Where does it go then?
    Thank you very much !

    Greetings Lui
  • Two things, on Brick Owl you cannot add a separate PayPal charge - it must be incorporated into either your shipping or the part prices. Basically the buyer should only see price+shipping, not price+shipping+PayPal.

    Secondly it sounds like you've received a Quote request rather than an order. This is where a customer wants to find out how much it will cost in total before proceeding. Once you've quoted them it 'disappears' until they commit to the order. Have a look under Quotes received in the submenu beneath your profile name. If the customer is still thinking about it, it will be here. If they have decided not to proceed it will have gone. Either way don't pick any parts until this converts to an order
  • Ahh Oke !

    Thank you very much !
    Super ! :)
    Have nice day Jay !
  • Good Morning jay,

    Can I have one more question?
    In statistics, there is such a thing as:

    Active Carts

    Do I understand this as open shopping baskets?

    Thank you very much !
    Greetings Lui
  • Active carts relate to buyers who are browsing your store and have items in their cart/basket. They don't always convert to orders.

    I think along the lines of a supermarket:

    Page views = people browsing
    Active carts = shoppers with items in a basket
    Orders = people buying at the checkout

    Just as in real life, people go into shops and never buy anything, but page views and active carts give you some idea of activity in your store.

    You cannot see who has an active cart so you just have to hope it converts to an order!
  • Hello Jay,

    Ok thank you very much !
    Super ! Very big help for me .

    All clear .

    Good night .

  • BTW, welcome to BO, @kockafej-hun ! You'll find this a fun and friendly place to sell - and as you can see, your peers are super-helpful! :-)
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