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Hi everyone,
What factors do you consider when deciding whether to sell a minifigure in its entirety or sell the head/and or helmet, torso and legs separately? I have quite a few pieces to list and don’t know what customers want more (I’m new to Brick Owl). I have a 20th Anniversary Princess Leia and stand for example, which I know would be stupid to sell in parts, but how about Boba Fett, 2022 Batman, Captain Carter and the like?
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  • My first thought would be to go with the money. I think a "complete" figure will sell for more and better, if it truly is a complete figure.

    Then, i would maybe check the individual parts, to see how many are selling them. That could give an indication of how much is needed for "parts" rather than the figure as a whole.

    At least that is my thought :-)
  • There is a good demand for complete minifigures along with minifigure. Sometimes the parts are worth more individually sold, sometimes the minifigure as a whole is worth more. Our general rule is, if we have the complete figure free of damage, we list it whole. If there is damage, remove the damaged piece and sell the others individually.
  • Things like Star Wars, Super Heroes, POC, LOTR etc will sell better as whole. City figs are good to part out as the parts are mostly interchangable with many other figs and these seem to do well in parts. Also worth noting that a fig may part out for a lot more compared to selling whole but you will find the hair will go first and maybe the torso but would could end up with some of the parts that don't sell or take a long time to sell so it is often better to list whole and get the turnover going. If you get a ton of collectable figs with multiples of the same you could list half whole and part out some all the way to increase your store variety.
  • It’s always the money, but add to that how long the minifig has been sitting there with no buyers. I had some NBA figs that might get broken up, assuming I can ever find the time from yard work.
  • Thank you everyone. I’ve opened my shop up now.
  • I had this same question when I opened up (you can search for older threads on this)... I ended up selling what I could cobble together into full figures and selling as whole, then any leftover parts as individual parts. My observation is that while you might appear to make more money selling separate pieces, it can take years to find a buyer who is missing that piece and wants it. That said, I do make great money on common extra parts, e.g., extra hands. Full minifigures do turnaround reasonably fast, depending on your pricing model. :-) Just my humble two cents!
  • Thanks Calibrick. I think I will do the same, sell as whole where possible and extra pieces individually. Best Wishes.
  • @ Calibrick you are so helpful and full of great Knowledge. I have a bag of mini figure parts weighing just under 5 lb in weight. Will take the time to sort and make whole figures with the right parts. Thanks for all your help.
  • Awww thank you! Everyone here is so nice, another reason I truly love selling on this site. :-)
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