Not receiving email notifications for quote requests

Hi all
Today I logged in and saw I had 4 outstanding quote requests from potential buyers. I did not receive e-mail notifications for these, like I normally do, and my spam and junk email folders are empty. Is this a known issue?
Thanks, Miffy.


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  • I have checked with our email system and can confirm quote emails have been sent and delivered to your email provider. You may want to check if theres anything you can look into with your custom email provider.
  • Okay thanks Lawrence!
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    So I got a quote request notification via email on May 4th, then nothing afterwards and today I found I had 4 requests stacked up when I logged onto here. As Lawrence suggested I checked my email host, and found that since May 4th, my emails from BO have been marked as spam - no idea why. I've now marked them as not spam and hopefully this won't re-occur.
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