Creating Stickered item - error response

Hello Brick Owl Team,
When I try to create a new stickered item (in this case part 61403) the page is responding with an error "The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.", the submitting URL is "".



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  • Additional remark:
    I try to enter a part name with "Russian Text '!ОПАСНОСТb' (Right)" (it's BL-ID 61403pb03R). Now I could create the item without the Cyrillic letters. Anyhow yesterday I have submitted a change of the name for the left part (boid=973239) including the Cyrillic letters - and this was possible.
    Seems that the Cyrillic letters causes the problems for creating an item.
  • Thank you for reporting that, that should now be fixed
  • :) Thank you - I will test it when I have a next part like this available.
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