Inventory search issues.

The search function needs to be fixed at some point. I needed to look up my "used white tile 2x2" in my inventory. So I type that (without quotation marks) and get 2000 results. I have the inventory sorted by quantity, and the first items it's showing are studs and levers, none white. I changed the inventory to default, and the first item is a white 2x2 tile, but new, not used, and it's followed with the rest of my new tile 2x2 of every color.

When typing something into the search it should show only items that have all the keywords I typed, or at least those first. Not every "used", every "white", every "tile", and every "2x2".

But then again, it doesn't always do this. Sometimes it'll show only what I wanted, other times 2000 results.


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  • I've had similar experiences - it's frustrating searching for a 1x2 anything because it throws up every 1x2 you have, plates, bricks, everything.

    A search for used white tile 2x2 should bring up that in number one spot if it exists. I can understand some variance if the terms are slightly wrong, but not to the point where it makes the search useless.
  • Same here... I've learned to lean into quote marks. :-) It would be nice if we could use jquery or what not...
  • Unfortunately search can be quite a challenging and counter intuitive thing to work on. However, we are always happy to look into why specific search terms are not performing as you might hope. In this case, inventory search didn't include the condition name of an item. That has now been included, so the search term that you provided appears to work as you would expect within your store.
  • To add to this, when searching for minfigures by selecting a colour such as black and then typing "white arms yellow hands" in to the search field it gives anything that has white or yellow in it's part rather than just things that meet those requirements. Is this something that could be looked into? As currently it is very difficult to search for minifigure parts
  • I know it doesn't help for searching in your own inventory, but I often use Rebrickable's search functions (since they are better), and link back into BO from there - each part/set in RB has a BO link.
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