Laptop freezing on Brick Owl

Hi is anyone else having a problem with BO lately. My laptop which is pretty new, freezes or is extremely slow but its only haappening when I am on BO. Can anyone give some advice to help please. I am sure its not the website itself - maybe something to do with my setting? It only appears to be happening whilst I am trying to add items!! I am no comp wizard so simple terms please if anyone can help


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  • If it's any help I've found a couple of times this morning that BO has been a bit laggy. I too am adding pieces, so maybe a temporary issue? Certainly not overly disruptive, but noticeable. My laptop isn't that new, but it's no slouch either!
  • Not sure of its related, but I'm also unable to email BO admin today, all mails are bouncing back as the provider thinks its spam. Maybe some sort of issue at BO?
  • Hmmm very interesting!!! @Jay37 problem is with me when I have added a piece and then it freezes I have to go back and check if it has actually been added (quite often not). This happened many times today and its driving me nuts :s Just wondered was it my laptop or maybe a little glitch with BO.
    @Lawrence could you shed any light please - when you get a chance - I know how busy you are :)
  • I’m afraid I don’t know why that would be. Usually when there’s an issue like this that only affects one user we recommend trying a different browser / clearing caches etc
  • @Lawrence - thank you will give that a go.
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