Price Discrepancy Storefront vs. Inventory

Hi, everyone! First time poster with a glitch question. Am I missing something?

I'm reviewing my inventory, where I set some prices manually when I add the item to my store (usually when I just have a few lose pieces that didn't come as part of a set). I've noticed I'll come back to that item later, and the price on Storefront doesn't match up with the price I set when I added the item to my store. Some prices are almost 10% different between the two places, with Storefront always the lower of the two. It's most noticeable on my minfigs, but it happens on several other items, too.

At first, I thought this was because I was selecting the "Featured" option, but it's happening on non-Featured, items, too, so I don't think that's the issue.

I didn't intentionally I put a "Sale" setting on my items to cause this, but maybe I did something accidentally? Is it a setting somewhere?

Any insight from the more experienced users would be greatly appreciated!!


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  • It can take a couple of minutes for the cached version of your inventory to match the latest changes. If it's any longer than that, suggest you contact admin ('contact us' link at bottom of every page).
  • Thank you, Hoddie! I'll do that. It's been a couple of hours since my original post, and the prices are still different between the two.
  • It should definitely be showing - at the risk of asking a dumb question, are you sure you hit submit for the price change and the green banner showed on top of your screen showing it accepted the change? Sometimes I'll add a new item and actually forget to hit submit, sigh.

    Just a thought!
  • Just for information, this was due to a tax settings issue
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