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Hi, my store has a $3.00 minimum order and my shipping starts at around $3.00. However, someone just placed an order in my store for $.08 and it didn't charge them shipping. I don't understand how this is possible?


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  • Oh, I see they have another current order with me. Is this how brick owl adds things to orders?
  • Hi! In your store settings you are able to select or deselect "Order Combining" and the status at which you will no longer accept combining- such as "Processing" or "Processed". Check your settings and that checkbox- Hope this helps! :)
  • You can also set your order combining options to charge an additional fee, if desired.
  • Thank you for clarifying! This is the first time I've had someone add to their purchase so I didn't know what that looked like. I don't mind them adding on parts before the order is processed. It just stinks that it goes through as a separate transaction because paypal fees took the whole $.08. Oh well, no big deal. I'll look into changing my settings for next time. Thanks again!
  • In the beginning that this happened to me I also shipped out a few "free" parts.
    I too did not realize it would go as a separate transaction (this as not using IC on BL).
    I now have a fee in place to cover the fixed Paypal fee
  • @BrickinEasy BO will actually look at the combined order weight and if appropriate (based on your shipping methods/weights/costs), will charge add'l shipping costs on the second order. Because of the add'l PayPal transaction fee, I actually charge that $0.30 fee when users combined orders (sounds like others above do that too <s>).
  • I've set it up for a .50 fee as well, just to cover for the credit card charges and I have to say it works like a charm. It recalculates the shipping and even puts a note in the original order about the new packaging/shipping as well as refers with a clickable link to the other order(s) it's combined with.
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