Pricing problems

hi im new here ;)

Hence i am in the process of adding new items to my store. i am trying to use 6 month average for my pricing and my currency is uk gbp. however, several items keep coming up with "99.99" which is obviously not right. why? is there a known pricing fault or am i doing something wrong?

latest example would be;

For Sale
LEGO Dark Gray Base 6 x 16 x 2/3 with Recess and Holes at 99.99 apiece!


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  • 99.99 is usually the default value for a condition that has had no activity in the last six months. We just checked this item, which we have listed, and indeed, strange for any condition to yield the default...
  • I think it's sales; if there's anything listed, irrespective of prices or conditions, but nobody has bought that piece in six months, then 99.99 is given. I usually compare prices here (if any) and BL and set my price accordingly.
  • I run into that too... usually if I'm listing a bunch of stuff, I go back to my inventory at the end and sort by price just to make sure none of those 99.99 items "snuck" in that I missed... :-(
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