What Am I Missing?

When a customer searched my store for 50746 the results return is zero.
Why does it not present LEGO Slope 31° 1 x 1 (18862 / 33847 / 35338) which clearly shows 50746 amongst the design ID's?

I know it's a tiny piece but it may lead to the customer clicking away.


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  • Tried it on our three stores- why the searches on your store pages- :)
    wonder how many more of these there are?
    Thanks, @waynstar
    Anyone else: keep 'em coming! Let's get these sorted out!
  • I tried in mine and it shows up.

    I had this happen before for some items but they appeared again when trying later...
  • @Stellar , thanks for checking this out- it seems the difference between your store and @waynstar and ours, is that you have a decorated version, so when searching for 50746 both the decorated AND the other (18862 / 33847 / 35338) come up. Our store search doesn't yield the undecorated... without a decorated part in the store inventory.
    Tried looking for other parts with an element number distinction between undecorated maybe multiple numbers and then a single universal decorated element id. but didn't find one yet to try to see if the same happens when you don't have a decorated in your inventory.
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    This happens when an item has many design IDs, and we were only showing 3 of them, sorted numerically. I have now changed this so it will show the most common three IDs, sorted numerically. So in this case, the name for this item will now update, so that 50746 shows in it, and therefore it should appear within the search system more readily. This may take a day for everything to update.
  • @lawrence, you remain AWESOME!!! :-)
  • The attention to users issues on BO is exceptional, especially compared to the main competitor.
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    @Lawrence, top man. Thank you.
    @manganschlamm, it is indeed and much appreciated.
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