Issue on 7 min old order, unpaid

At 19:59 I got an order, not yet paid, payment by IBAN
At 20:06 there was an issue raised, with reason "Order has not arrived"

How is it possible that an issue can be raised regarding receiving of an order, while the order hasn't even be set to Payment Submitted.
That should not be possible in my opinion. Instead of the option to raise an issue, the buyer should be lead to message the seller :)

Issue was that the buyer chose the wrong payment option, so the issue itself isn't a biggie, was just very surprised.


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  • As issue reporting has a similar result to messaging a seller, we don’t put any restrictions on this. No automated action is taken against stores in relation to issue reports.
  • Hmm, I think that an issue report is somewhat heavier than a normal message, at least I feel it that way. In the mail that is send it is stated that you have to reply within 24 hours, so also from that point an issue report is somewhat heavier than a normal message.

    I'm not worried about an issue report as is, but in this case found timing and reason a bit odd.
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