Buy Wishlist adds wrong part to shopping cart

I made a couple of orders last week which included the part:
LEGO Medium Stone Gray Wheel Rim Ø18 x 14 with Pin Hole (20896 / 55981)

On delivery I find I have received:
LEGO Medium Stone Gray Wheel Rim Ø18 x 14 with Axle Hole (55982)

Checking the order history - it is 55982 on the order.
Checking the wishlist - it's 55981, so "Buy Wishlist" put through the wrong part.

To test, I made a new wishlist containing 55981 - and this is where it gets weirder - with some stores it goes through correctly and others it gets swapped to 55982.

Example: my orders went wrong with "TopBrix @ The Orange Emporium" and "Raven Bricks" (and continue to go wrong on testing), but when testing "Em's Bricks n Pieces" and "Central Bricks" the order goes through correctly.

So obviously I'm not very happy, being out of pocket needing make another order, but I'm not really sure who's to blame here, as it seems like the stores did what the site told them to.


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