Items showing up in random order

This is an issue that pops up now and then. I need my order items to be sorted on condition and then on item name. This can be achieved by holding down SHIFT while clicking on the second column. When a device does not have a SHIFT key, clearing cookies should set it to a default mode where it shows the items A-Z when sorted on condition. But I don't know how to delete cookies on a smartphone. So how do I get the items to show up by condition and then item name on a smartphone, without having to tap the columns every time I open an order?

(And I'll keep saying it, I think the SHIFT idea isn't very good interface design. I'm grateful for the workaround of the items showing up A-Z as a default condition, but in a normal situation you should be able to set your sorting preferences regardless of whether your device has a SHIFT key or not)


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  • I've never used the site on my cell phone, Teup, sorry... maybe @Lawrence has some insight into how the mobile code works here and how to delete your cookies?
  • I would like to have a setting for this too...
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    Ideally, this whole system that you need to hold down the SHIFT key in order to set the primary and secondary sorting column would be replaced by a small menu that says "sort by" and lets you drag in the columns in the order you want it, and then saves the preference.
    Because right now the system seems pretty fragile, anytime I accidentally hit one of those arrows I need to figure out how to repair it. Plus, it would be more flexible, allowing for more different options on devices that don't have SHIFT.

    For me, the problem would also be solved if the sorting preferences were just saved per user profile instead of per device. Then I will set it correctly on my desktop computer and it will show up the same on my other devices. That'd also guarantee things are always lined up. It's so annoying to verify an order on a device that has a different sorting order than the device that was used for picking it.
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