Message being read or not?

How can I see if messages that I send are being read?
In the last few weeks I have send a few messages but got no response.


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  • Unfortunately I don't think we have that insight into our sent messages here... but you can leave that little checkbox on the below of your message checked so it pops up as a counted item next to their username in the topright of the screen to remind them to respond (then they'd have to reply or self-mark it as no response needed). :-(
  • @Calibrick This system seems safe.

    We are remembering some alarming posts on the BL Forum (lots of them, actually), from those on there who know programming work-arounds, like, "I see that my buyer logged in from 13:58 to 14:22 yesterday -Sent them 2 messages they haven't responded to; were deleted without being read..."
  • S&D (or D&S <s>), I do agree with you... I don't need to know if someone here reads a message I sent, they'll respond when they can or choose to. I meant "unfortunately" in the sense there is not an answer to BasKrie's question. :-)

    I'm a bit shocked to read that any non-admin on BL can get to that kind of data, though - WOW!! Its been so long since I've been on there... is that actually publicly-available shown information for a user profile, or data you can download on the API? That actually sounds like a privacy violation of some kind, maybe even in the legal sense (through we're still pretty behind the curve on Internet privacy laws IMHO).
  • We don't know to what extent the users, read "sellers", on BL are able to "see" or "access" information, just that it is very alarming. Seems to be something those who are programming-savvy are able to do with the existing public forum and those poor souls who are registered.

    The privacy infringement issues are probably multi-fold. BL has a "special relationship" with those visiting for replacement parts- when those parts are "out of stock", maybe even the no-longer-available, buyers are funneled to BL to buy...having to register and don't know what's coming...use their name...inevitably have problems navigating the site- have a contract to buy when they just want to know what the shipping costs will their query on the forum...username is their real any Google search of them brings up their post and the famous "Newbie Bashing."

    Have felt for a long time that a Class Action Suit is entirely possible. There just don't seem to be enough attorneys who are AFOLs as there are, say, IT Professionals, Car Aficionados, Architects.
    Anyway, just one of our issues with BL.

    Yes, both S&D and D&S- if one of us is busy, the first question each day is "What is new in our LEGOworld?"
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