How do buyers know the tracking information for purchases?

Do all buyers have to go to their order to see the tracking number and then the super informative box with timeline of shipping movements or is there a step we sellers make to have the tracking id added to the shipped notification message/email?


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  • I just double checked and this will be shown on the shipment email
  • It also should show on their paypal if you pay to ship it from there.
  • BrickOwl is such a fantastic site, experience, Administrator, and Forum- Thank you!
  • Good info for all of us to know, awesome! Thanks all! I actually just "found" that magical tracking ID box a month or so ago, I was manually emailing every buyer with tracking info, lolol. This made my work much easier once I stumbled onto that and realized it provided that info for the buyer (I found it by buying something myself for a change - the seller used that box, which I adored). :-)

    Yes, I'm not always the sharpest tool in the shed. ;-)
  • Hey, you are Sharp! what you contribute here is AWESOME...sorry, just saw the movie...and can't stop using the word.
    Thinking the key is to add the tracking number to the "Submit" button and then hitting the "Shipped" that drives the message/email.
    Scott and D
  • @One_Click_Off Adding the tracking number is potentially your experience, 80-90% of my orders have no tracking because Canada Post charges a horrendous amount for that privilege. If I had it asking me every time it would drive me nutso.

  • Scott and D, you're making me blush... thank you so much, you are too kind! <3
    Leopard, yes, this is prob a US discussion for those of us using USPS, UPS, or Fedex (those that offer online real-time tracking). Those of us that buy postage via PayPal for our national postal service get free tracking (or we can buy direct from our national postal service and pay for tracking).
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