Need a Quick Tutorial on Adding Parts With Stickers

I would like to make sure I'm using the Item Creation page correctly when adding a part with a sticker. Below is an example using a make believe part...

Item Type: Part
Item Name: Brick 2 x 4 With Sticker From Set 78910
ID: Unknown
Brand: Lego
Note: Brick 2 x 4 with a sticker from Set 78910. A picture will be added after approval.
Relationship: type = sticker, from = This Item, to = Brick 2 x 4 (3001 / 15589 / 54534)
Gender: N/A
Year Released / First Available: 2007

Anyone with experience in adding stickered parts, please let me know if this is correct or if I need to do something differently. Thanks.


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    use the 2x4 'parent brick' as a starting point, select 'edit' and then 'add stickered version' (this way you don't need to create the realationship, as the starting point is the 2x4 parent brick)
    'describe' the item (so better then your current description), remove the setnumber in the description (ok in your note), add it later on in the 'tags' for the item (something Admin and I discussed a while ago), once approved edit it (picture, add to inventory of set, etc)

    I assume set 78910 is a random/fake example? If you want to add decorated items PRIOR to june 2013, the chances are high *IT IS* already in catalog (might be difficult to find/figure out), welcome anytime to post a picture and I'll help out (or someone else will). Stickered items AFTER june 2013 are most likely not yet in catalog, so an attempt to add it would be great ;-)
  • Thanks. I'll give it a try using your method soon. Until recently, I've been selling only new parts and never had the experience of adding parts with stickers, but I just acquired 50 lbs. of bulk pieces. There are so many stickered pieces from all different themes and ages. Hopefully many of them are already in the catalog and have pictures :)
  • @lotsofbricks
    Feel free to ask for help identifying them, if you post a clear picture we can work from there ;-)

    Many Stickered items still have a similar description as what you wrote above:
    Item Name: Brick 2 x 4 With Sticker From Set 78910
    So if in catalog, but no image, a full edit (picture+description+linked to an inventory) is the best way to handle it.
    If not in catalog then use the parent as a starting point as described above...

    Cheers, Eric
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    I’m feeling a bit slow in the brain, as I have added images for stickered parts in the past, but I can’t find the correct tab once I click on edit. I’m at the parent record for this panel. I’m adding a pick to show what I’m seeing.
    Since I can’t delete my comment…
    I found it under actions tab. There is a blue button to create stickered version.
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