Buy Wishlist page is showing incorrect numbers

I added a wishlist from Rebrickable, and when I go to the Buy Wishlist page it's showing me the various stores that have the bricks I need.

However, what I've noticed is that it's showing incorrect numbers for the available lots.

For example, I need 358 lots, and the top result (BrickGo) says it has 274 lots, but when I click on it and go to the store page, now it's saying this store has 320 lots. And it's not just a glitch with that one store, it's happening with apparently every store: ElBriko says 241, actually 299, DD Bricks says 41, actually 300.

So can this be fixed so that I can get an accurate idea of which stores have what amount of lots for a wishlist?


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  • Would you be able to attach some screenshots showing the different stages where the numbers vary? We can then look into this further
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    Thanks for the reply. Here are some screenshots showing what I mentioned.
    And this is the Rebrickable model I'm using as the wishlist:
  • Indeed seems to be working strange, just tested one WL on my store, if I try to buy it it lists me as only having 34 lots, but if I select myself it changes to 105 lots, also if I enter to my store and select that WL on the top left it says 91 items but on the sidebar it says 108. These lasts 3 more I think it is same items that are available as new and as used.

    Maybe the WL buy page only counts lots that can be fulfilled 100%, but in that case it is misleading and prevent quite some sales concentrating then only on large stock stores.
  • One innocent cause of this is, if for example you want 100 of an item in "any condition" and the store has 70 in used good and 10 in used acceptable and 20 in new. That will count as 1 "needed lot" and then 3 actual lots when allocating.

    However, I think the main cause is limitations on our side, on how many store lots are considered for each wishlist lot. There is a tradeoff between the completeness of the results and the speed of the results.
  • I've made a change, so if you filter by region/country, this will reduce the lots visibile to the system, and result in faster speed and more complete results. Previously, filtering had no effect on the speed/completeness.
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    Thanks for looking into this. I just did a test and now it seems to be giving me the correct numbers on the Buy Wishlist page, which is great and what I wanted.

    The only glitch that seems to be remaining is when I click on a store page, it's still giving me inconsistent numbers. The number of available lots listed on a store page seems to include lots of any condition, even if you've specified a condition (I've specified new).

    So if I want Red 2x2 bricks of new condition, the buy wishlist page will say 1 lot, but the store page will say 2 lots if the store also has that lot in used condition as well.
  • That test was set to Europe only, with that I seem to be getting correct numbers on the Buying page. When I set it to World, you're right, it's giving me different numbers which don't seem to be completely accurate.
  • @zondy thank you for pointing that out, we have now updated the store view to take account of condition
  • Seems much much better now!
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