Question about sticker - set 7676

Hi everyone.

This is a rather specific and big question maybe.
But for the stickers for this set, 7676 there seems to be 2 types of stickers for the big front plates on the gunship. More precise on brick 4515.
Now star wars knowledge or not, but why are there 2 sets stickers for this ? I have been looking for where the second sets for placed, until i saw a picture with both version :-D

Anyone familiar with starwars / lego in that part ?


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  • Picture for reference.
  • I believe this is just an opportunity to customize the model - you could have one or the other, whichever is your preference. The sticker just 'appears' on the last image of the built set in the instructions (with the Salacious Crumb character) - usually there is a stage where the sticker required is indicated, but not here.

    I guess this is like aircrew painting on the nose of their aircraft in WWII to indicate successful missions along with maybe a pin-up girl (hence the alternative Oola character sticker).
  • Yeah i thought it might was something like that. I have just never seen "extra" stickers with a Lego model before, so that really confused me :-D
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