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For (White-label) stores please could we have a dedicated mobile "home" page? This would be in addition to the existing "home" page.

Because of the smaller screens, the existing "home" page obviously doesn't read that well on an iPhone or similar.

Could a dedicated mobile home page be added to (White-label) stores please? Users would then be directed to the appropriate home page depending on the 'user agent' detected?

According to Google around 60% of our visitors are using mobile and tablet devices.


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  • Could you clarify a bit more what you would do differently? Generally websites have to be responsive so rather than having a “desktop” and “mobile” view, the page has to adapt to the myriad of screen sizes.

    Potentially we could allow removing certain elements for certain screen sizes.
  • Being able to exclude or selectively show different “blocks” would be adequate. Currently on a mobile screen like a standard sized iPhone the “Categories” filters dominate but blocks like “Featured” or “Best Selling” are impossible to make visible without rotating.

    Any ability to have more control on what shows on smaller screens would be great please.
  • Oh I see. We hide the featured style blocks on small screens as they take up a lot of room so the user has to scroll for even further to see things like store information. However I see it’s also hiding your shipping header which isn’t ideal so I’ll look at that.

    If you particularly want to change this on your white label store, you can submit css to override anything.
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