Warning when customer places an order.

Prompted by Lawrence's recent thread I have been thinking a bit about customer's feedback as a seller.

We can only leave positive feedback as a seller, and if there is an issue report directly to Brickowl. This appears as an ONR mark or Non Payment at the bottom of an order.

Would it be possible to receive a warning if a customer that has e.g. multiple Disputed Chargebacks places an order with my store?


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  • Yes, there is already a warning that will show if this was the case
  • Thanks. I'm glad I've been fortunate enough not to have seen it yet!
  • Suppose I receive an order with a warning indicating a problematic buyer. The order has already been paid, which puts me in a difficult situation. I can either:

    - Take the risk, ship the order, and prepare for potential issues.
    - Cancel the order, refund the payment, absorb the PayPal fee, and risk receiving negative feedback.

    To avoid these potential problems, would it be possible to implement a feature that allows sellers to pre-approve an order before payment if the buyer is flagged as unreliable?
  • I believe there has only been two customers this applied to in ten years. We generally take action to remove problematic stores/customers.
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