Seller 'does not ship to XX' when they are in that country

Just idle curiosity really, but I've seen this a couple of times where a store in the United Kingdom appears in the listing as 'does not ship to GB', but when you click through to the store it says it does ship to the United Kingdom.

On the example I've just seen the store in question has shipping methods set up and has no minimum order limit. In this case the only thing I can think is the part in question is less than 1gm in weight, and their shipping method is from 1gm, so although they do actually ship to their home country, their settings prevent this particular part from being purchased.

I assume this is an oversight on their part. I guess a store can set a minimum weight limit, either deliberately or accidentally, but seems counter-intuitive given the sheer amount of parts that I imagine weigh less than 1gm!


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  • If you let me know a particular store, I can take a look into that.

    It is likely the minimum band weight. We have a warning about that on stores.
  • @Lawrence well that's strange, the store in question has now changed their shipping band to say from 0gm, so the issue has been resolved.
  • Just had that warning come up on my store.

    It turned out I had small parcels starting from 1g, not 0g. Hopefully that has not put anyone off looking at my parts as I don't think there are that many items that are <1g large enough to need a parcel rather than a large letter.
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