Proposal to display store region

Currently, when a customer is looking at a store, they can see what country it is located in. We are thinking of adding the region to this, to give the customers a bit more information about where the store is located. This is especially useful for larger countries like the US where it would show the state.

We would be interested to hear if there is any comments on this before we do so.


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  • Not of much use to me now that I'm rural, but when I lived in a major city, I had several in person pick up orders because the buyer realized I was nearby. I think being able to search by US state would be great for buyers and sellers as shipping costs continue to skyrocket, not to mention faster shipping times if I'm in a rush for an order etc
  • Hi, long-time fan, first time commenter. Could be useful, the purpose for which the additional information is used by the 'consumer' might dictate that granularity - so if the seller provided collection as an option, or might for a larger order, say, this may be pertinent. Some sellers may not want to disclose more information and that, too, should be respected - if it is a 'dark' store visitors may well be discouraged.
  • It would be nice to see it indeed.
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