profesional sellers using vat

I know that there are professional sellers here who work with a VAT number, is there a way I can recognize them or is it actually random, I would find it very useful if all professional sellers also register separately on a separate list so that they are all together, now it is 1 and all frustration to find seller with VAT number, maybe that can be adjusted in the future, in the meantime all sellers within the European Union can send a message to me and then I will see if you sell the sets I am looking for, thank you in advance, Christoph (mojogeorge)


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  • Hello Christoph, indeed it would be a nice feature to have in a page like this:

    But have into account that not all shops that have VAT enabled are able or willing to offer B2B VAT-Free transactions.

    I do need these invoices when purchasing and it is hard to find this information as you have to guess stores and check their terms manually.

    You can check mine if you want as we are VAT registered in the EU.
  • hey stellar,maybe if there more byers like me will respond this or bring it on,i know you from bl too, already checkt your page but sorry,not what i and my friend looking for,but anyway ,thanks for the respons,...and bl pfff i dont like bl,for such a company as lego is ,i think whith the IT personal it is just an easy job to transform this. i am fan of brickowl,the little brother,greets
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