customer asking for refund??

Customer ordered 1 Plate 1 x 1 Round (6141 / 30057) Transparent Red and paid total order of £5.05 (they live overseas). This was the only item she ordered. She has now come back and told me she has not received the order.
She does not want or given me a chance to re-issue order but asked for a straight refund.
Am i too suspicious or does this sound strange to anyone else.?
Do they not sell these parts anywhere in her own country??
Just sounds a little bit off :/


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  • Was there tracking for the package? You can prove delivery if there was.
  • @Papa Pearson - no customer did not want tracking. Just seems a bit strange when checking on her profile that she did a number of orders from her own country at the same time - it is not as if this part is rare!!
  • If you can't track it as delivered, refund it.

    I get it looks odd if she has ordered a common part internationally, but if she paid for the higher postage I guess that was her choice.
  • If anything, you could write back to the customer, that you give it 1 more week, and then let her get back to you, if she has still not gotten it. And by then, look at her account and see if this is something she has done before, then you could "flag her" or give her a bad feedback when you are done with the order, so others know.
  • I asked her why she had not given me a chance to send another one to her but she said I did not respond to her message (sat) and as soon as I went on to Brick Owl this am I messaged her. She responded with she wanted a refund !!
  • @Malnaborg - I unfortunately cannot leave bad feedback as I already let feedback when I posted her order :( Maybe she hasnt received it but it all sounds iffy to me.
  • This situations sometimes happens as BO is a easy platform for new lego buyers that just want something find and order, and happens that sometimes orders aren't delivered, just be nice to her and explain how this works and offer both options refund and shipping again free, and do as needed. But also report an issue on the order as NRO to be shown on their buying data.
  • And that is why i again and again have mentioned for shop owners, to NOT POST anything, before the order is marked complete. Until then, you have no idea how the customer will act, if something goes wrong.

    You as a seller now how this problem, and pass it on to the next seller.
    So yeah, if she persist, you might as well just refund her.

    But i am truly sorry for your loss, and revenue.
  • ^^ how has the customer acted badly? They're well within their rights to ask for a refund.

    To be honest, I probably wouldn't have sent a single 1x1 round plate halfway around the world, but I'm struggling to see what the buyer gets out of this if they are scamming the seller. Maybe they're trying to build feedback so they can become a seller? In which case starting off with a black mark is hardly the best way to do it (the black mark comes from 'Report a problem...'). Perhaps it's a user the seller has previously annoyed/blocked and is using a new account to mess with the seller (in which case, be aware of other zero feedback users).
  • I'm still a bit confused here. When my buyers have a parcel fail to turn up, they always ask for a refund. I always refund for this. Why wouldn't you? Why would you jump to assume they are a problem customer and want to leave bad feedback?
  • I will be refunding her but i dont understand why she didnt give me a chance to put this right. She did not ask for tracking or ask me to send it out again but immediately asked for a refund. She has placed many orders in her own country at the same time as she placed 1 with me. I find it hard to believe that no one in her country was selling this item.
    Oh well we live and learn eh.
    Thanks for all advice etc though
    Just one question though if this happens again (someone asks for a small common part) with very high postage costs do you politely tell a customer you can not ship this item to them???
  • BTW i always refund any customer that reports missing/lost orders :-)
  • Well, I have also done some strange orders actually from far away locations (within EU). Sometimes the shipping+packing costs are cheaper from other neighbouring countries than it would be within the same country. So there may be some reasoning behind it. But then again, I know that those small parcel are so easy to get lost and turn out about two months later...

    Then again, concidering the part, then this isn't part that would be rare and 5$ isn't cheap transportation...
  • When you say you couldn't put it right, I'm not sure how much better off you would be resending at your own expense to refunding.

    As to your point about small common parts sent overseas, why not? I'd be sending all overseas orders tracked as a matter of course though.
  • @White Horse Bricks - my point was she didnt give me a chance to resend but anyway we live and learn and I think going forward I will no longer be posting small items overseas unless they are willing to pay tracking.
    Thank you for you comments :)
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