Easier way to mark messages as 'no response needed'

We place a lot of orders in many different BrickOwl shops. The issue for us is that we receive a bulk load of messages with order status like 'tracking nr'/'shipment on its way'/'shipment delivered'/etc.. All these messages are ofcourse received via (BrickOwl) email and also via the BrickOwl message system. They are all marked that a response is needed but they actually don't need a response. Most of them are probably automatically generated by third-party software.

We need to mark 200/400 messages a month and set status to 'no reponse needed' so our dashboard stays clean and to keep overview. It would be very nice to have some bulk/fast option to get rid of these messages.


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  • i second this.
    Not to talk bad about shops, but ddbricks is one of those shops that somehow link my email to track and trace updates. So i as well get an email for every single steps taken in the track and trace.

    For some reason it does not help with unsubscribe from DHL, because it is somehow a new email with each steps. So i would actually rather ask the shops that does this, to not at email to the track and trace or at least somehow not let the updates send a mail with each steps.

    I use track and trace my self, and only post the trace number on the order. I have no idea if this is an DHL setup "issue" ? Could you answer that afolsupply ? Just to compare.

    But apart from that, a "select all" button / option would be nice.
  • I think BrickOwl marks every received email message as 'need to respond'. I think this is hard to solve because those shipping emails do have value. But a better/faster way to 'read' them would be nice. Maybe a bulk select option?
  • I didn't think of it before, I also use the bo email for the shipping label creation. It might be good if @Lawrence takes a look at most email received messages and consider not marking all of them as response needed.
  • The problem is that Brick Owl does not show they buyer's real email address to sellers. But postal services usually ask for a recipient's email address when you create a shipping label so the seller can only enter the automatically generated BO email address that is associated with the order unless the order is paid with Paypal because then you get an email from Paypal with the buyer's real email address.

    So if the postal service sends tracking updates they go to that BO email address and are listed as unread messages in the BO messaging system that require a response. The best solution to this problem would be for BO to allow sellers to see the buyer's real email address,
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