Order on Hold?

In what circumstance is this acceptable? Sellers should have all items in stock that are listed so that's not a reason to put something on hold.

Could you clarify please @Lawrence


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  • The main intention is for when customers ask for their order to be placed on hold. We also plan to expand it to help with collection orders. We will certainly monitor to see how it ends up being used.
  • I would suggest moving the option to put the order on hold to the bottom just upper of report issue, now it is the third option where it is usually the capture Stripe payment option and also where the coupon creation is. Those are options that are used more than the rare case of On Hold.
  • I agree with @Stellar , I nearly put an order on hold earlier today instead of capturing a payment :smiley:
  • I've moved that down, and put a confirm popup on it
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