question about dac7

I have an x ​​amount outstanding with DAC7 and this is sent to the Irish tax once a year. Now my question is when can I expect the receipt from them or will this be done via Brickowl? I am located in the Netherlands, perhaps Dutch users who know this or people in the general hope to hear from you greetings bricks by rick


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  • You don't have an amount outstanding with DAC7.
    The amounts that are mentioned on that tab are the numbers that are going to the Dutch TAX office (via the Irish one in case of BrickOwl).
    The Dutch office can use this check if you have to account for in your income tax.
    It's not said that they will actually check it, but it can be.

    So if you have an amount of just 2000 in DAC7 it is no issue, but you if you have 10.000 and don't report an extra income (or have a business) then this could raise a red flag on your TAX declaration.
  • hello, yes, that is clear, so an amount of 125 euros is not an issue for the Dutch tax authorities, if I understand correctly?
  • 125 would no te be a DAC7 issue, only when 30 orders or 2000 euro has been reached.

    Under what column is that 125?

    (Officially every extra euro you make has to be declared on your income TAX, at least when you are selling thing with the intend of making profit)
  • Taxes withheld that collum
  • It's the taxes that have been withheld by BO for the UK and Norwegian orders.
    You can deduct that as it is no income. Buyer paid it to you and you paid it to BO (via the fees).

    Not sure how it is calculated, seems that BO registers that with GB and is converted to EU at the moment the numbers are gathered. At least I can't get to the same number that is shown in DAC7 (for quarter 4 at least (with only 3 orders from GB)
  • thats clear for me but when you do 4 orders a day then everybody here is ===== for tax paying as a bussines and i am not a bussines its a hobby and come on 30 orders ? or 2000 euros thats a joke and how will they the if you are a buisness ? then tax me me like brickowl does whit the irish taxes your comments on this?
  • We would advise looking up information about DAC7 on a search engine, as there should be lots of local articles explaining it. There is no Irish taxes, or receipts or collection of dac7 taxes.
  • Yes taxes are no fun :smile:
    But yes, if you make money with something you have to declare that to the tax authorities.
    Before DAC7 many people did not declare anything, with DAC7 in effect this will be harder.
    And so it will be more fairly to those that do (including business).

    So when you sell a substantial amount you will have to look into how you want to go further.
    Declare the profit as extra income, or register a business.
    It's up to you.

    And as Lawrence says, look up info on sites from kvk, belastingdienst etc.
  • i have already done that thanks for the advice
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