shipping band with no max weight or price

Hi all, I'm just wondering if it is fine to have a second band for shipping which has no max weight or price, my concern is if this shipping method is enabled if I may end up with an order exceeding the minimum weight of this band, but the buyer won't be charnged any shipping cost.


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  • Why would you want to have that?
    Because yes it would mean the buyer isn't charged for shipping and you end up paying yourself for it :smile:
    If it is because you want to put in shipping manual then there is te Quote request option.
  • I don't want it, it's something that brickowl has done and I'm not sure if it is an active shipping option, or just there for me to fill in.
  • I should add that I do have Dimensions set for this shipping option.
  • Aha, now I think what you mean :)
    The last row in the 'Band Information' block with only a from weight no to and no price. With the green button to the right.
    As long as there is no price it will not be used, just as it stated in the text above it
    "Leave the price on the final band empty if you do not want to use it."

    And to check, go to your delivery page

    So nothing to worry, all good :smile:
  • yup, reading the 'instructions' if you will, explains it lol, I totally forgot they were even there.
    Thankyou for the help :smile:
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