MiniBuild 4611 and 4071

Hi, was wondering if there was a part # for a mini build for a Door Frame 2 x 6 x 7 4071 Light Gray and the Door 1 x 6 x 7 Dark Gray. Its been together for 23 years and only shows in one set 6074 that I can find. I rather not try and take the door off the frame. Would like to keep it complete. Extremely good condition. If there is no miniuild is there another way you could suggest. Appreciate the time and effort. Thank you!


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  • I'd love for there to be a definitive answer to this, but having just had a quick browse through a couple of pages of mini builds, I think I'm more confused!

    For a start, and slightly off topic, there seems to be countless Minifigures in this category which I'm sure just need reclassifying and linking into their parent sets.

    Secondly, and more pertinent to your question, would be what constitutes a minibuild? You could argue that your door/gate is no different to tyres/hubs; both come loose but are put together for a purpose, but I'm sure there are sets that only use the hub. It's possible that there are sets that only have a frame or only have a door, but more likely they come together for a specific purpose. The same could be argued for window frames and panes of glass.

    Ultimately you could submit a new catalog entry for a mini build based on this argument and see what comes of it. Also, are you sure it's set 6074? Neither part appears in the inventory here or on BL, but do appear in 6094...
  • If it comes in a set in that combination, and there isnt an existing minibuild, you are welcome to submit one
  • Also I have just sold the instructions for 6074 and a quick glimpse reveals these parts do not appear in this set, so I think it's definitely 6094.
  • Yes, your right Jay37 it's set 6094! good old typing error, so sorry! Thank you, Jay37!
    and thank you ...Lawrence, will do! Wasn't sure where to submit a request.
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