Merging of variants

Looking ahead with some trepidation the part variant merges soon to happen on The Other Site, I'm wondering how much of an effect this will have on inventories synched here with e.g. Bricksync.

I'm guessing I will have to lose the 'Differentiates mold variations' tag from my store at least.


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  • What are they even thinking with this. Dumbest idea ever. Our sellers aren't educating themselves, our database is too big, oh I know let's dumb it down for everyone so it pisses off all the people trying to complete old sets.
  • I've started to put note in the note field of the variant type, I really have no idea yet how this will play out especially here on Brickowl. I didn't want to turn off my distinguish different variants thing but I might have to otherwise I can see trouble. I think making notes on variants in the notes section might be a safety net, it is for me anyway. Just need some sensible clarity, I'm not trying to wade through a huge 700 message forum post.
  • @pippyblocks That's what I've done. I went through the parts that are changing in my inventory and added a note/comment in BL & BO

    Not sure what's going to happen when the sync happens after the changes on 15th Feb, but I've kept a list of what I've changed.
  • @brickadoon I think it also might be worth taking backups before the day too (I've started to schedule one every evening at 8pm), particularly after the BL site down a while back and especially for us who use sync programs.
  • @pippyblocks Definitely!

    I use BrickSync so a BL backup is automatically created when I receive an order. BO backs up automatically once a day.
  • honestly i think there making a huge mistake.

    for one if they do want to push it like it looks like they do:

    why not make an automated option for the people to add comments to lots they have.
    cause how will the remarks even merge if lots are in multiply locations??
  • Variants are a pita for me, but I understand they're important for some buyers. I think the issue is that BL caters for some variants and not others, which is a kind of halfway house that makes no sense. BO has followed BL's lead, which to me seems a little odd because BO could have implemented a tag system from the beginning which would have allowed sellers to list with or without declaring the variant. Everybody wins.

    I understand BL's stated intent. I've seen buyers say they want a certain variant because they're completing an old set. But then are they actively seeking out the 1x2 plates that were around at the same time? If not, which is likely, their argument doesn't hold water for me.

    Variants that allow different builds are the only ones that should be separated imo.

    BL isn't even the best catalogue any more - Rebrickable is far better imo - so keeping the variants for that purpose makes no sense either.
  • I am really worried about syncing inventories with Bricksync. I will probably shutdown my stores before 1st of Februrary and wait for what is going to happen. The last thing I want is to sell duplicated items which I don't have or something like this. I am also wonder about the mess with last 6-month sale prices averages when the parts will be merged.

    Putting everything aside, this is the dumbest idea that can be implemented on sites like this.
  • @zpiotrak Rather than duplicated items, I'm more worried about the part numbers not lining up on bricksync any more. My concern is people will be trying to order parts where the BL equivalent doesn't exist any more.
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