How to adding a custom minifigure to the Inventory?


I would like to add 3 custom spacemen to to the directory. Few customers have asked for it as our specialty is selling Calssic Space items.

Next to the LEGO back, blue, orange, pink, red, white and yellow spacemen we want to offer the dark purple, green and gray variants, made of original LEGO parts available on BrickOwl. Here are the 3 pages how to assemble each one of them. My goal is to offer them in one piece as a single item. Of course I will provide professional pictures etc.

1. Dark Purple Spaceman:
2. Green Spaceman:
3. Medium Stone Gray Spaceman:

Can somebody guide me how I can achieve adding a new custom item. If even possible?

Dirk @ HagueBricks


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  • Short answer is you can't. See attached info from the catalog item help page;
  • Thx Jay,
    Thats a pity. In bricklink you can. Like this one:
    Now I don't like to use BrickLink for my shop so I guess we can't encourage BrickOwl to change the policy?
  • I think it's one for admin to confirm, but I believe if they allowed custom items (even those made from genuine LEGO), it may lead to a situation where people can add MOCs or possibly non-LEGO items, and things just get out of hand and unmanageable.
  • Maybe I should give it a try and submit one of the minifigures - with pictures and all info to the catalog - and see what they decide. Thx
  • You can add a minibuild for anything that appers in a set. If it doesn't come in a set in that configuration, generally we don't support that as we don't want to handle things like MOCs. However if it's just a few recolors of existing items, that there is confirmed customer demand for, then that may be ok.
  • Thx Lawrence and Jay!

    There are several people looking for these variants. I think because they look nice in a collection. And they do ;-). So next to the official black, blue, brown, orange, pink, red, white and yellow spacemen there is demand for the (medium stone) gray, green and purple variants.

    Allowing them to the catalog as minibuilds, which they actually are, might encourage other shops to assemble and offer them as well. I just added the purple one and he was admitted: After this I added the inventory and some size / weight info.
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