Wrong Color ID added into my inventory

So I thought a 1 by 1 round lego was a specific color and I added it to my inventory and verified it. I later find out it was not the correct color. I tried to edit my inventory but would let me delete something. I haven't verified my store yet because I want to fix this issue first.


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  • Hi, welcome to Brick Owl! You should be able to delete something you have mistakenly added (whether it's the wrong color or wrong part shouldn't make any difference). If you go to the main catalog entry for the part you should see a 'Sell' tab and there will be a number in brackets which indicates how many lots you have. Click this and it will list all you have added for sale. Scroll down to the incorrectly added color and you should see a 'Delete' button (see attached image for an example). Simply click this to remove. You can then add to the correct color.

    You can't delete from your store page for that item (ie what a customer would see).

    Hopefully this helps!

  • And as an extra.
    You can't change the color in your inventory.
    If you want to change it you need to delete the item and add it with the correct color.
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