Wishlist - items in own Store Inventory or Collection

Anyone know if there is any way of running a wishlist against your own store inventory (or personnal collection) and having it remove the items automatically from your store inventory and check the items off on the wishlist ?

The only way I can see is to either buy the items from myself (and then refund myself) or manually go through and remove the items both from my store and the relevant wishlist




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  • If you visit your own store's front page, the wishlists should show on the right-hand side of the page. You could indeed purchase them yourself, then cancel the order without returning the items to your store's inventory.
  • If you're going to try it, do it with one item only to begin with, that way you don't have to walk back anything major.
  • Thanks @ Hoddie, I have a few reasonable sized wishlists to draw whatever parts I have from my own inventory before I shop in other stores

    I'll give it a go over the weekend. I'm thinking that the best way to "purchase" from myself would be "cash on collection" so that I don't incur any paypal fees when I go to cancel the order
  • Go to this page and select your WL:


    Filter the stores to select yours and create the cart, then checkout for free by creating a coupon of 100% discount + free shipping for yourself.
  • @stellar thanks for the excellent guidance!
  • Thanks Stella,

    All worked well thanks when I tried it at the weekend with purchasing without having to refund or cancel orders - The only issue I did have was when the system was suggesting new remaining quantities for the wishlist based on the order - a lot of these were incorrect and had to be changed manually.
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