Double-sided fig heads unclear in store catalogue

I just had a buyer reach out mentioning he had purchased several LEGO heads that turned out to be double-sided but had expected that they be single-sided based on the listing. Normally it's not an issue for figs with hair, but he's specifically trying to make cowboy/Western style figs with hats, so unless it's a hair+hat combo part, a hat isn't going to cover the back.

I don't know how many fig heads are represented like this in the catalogue, but take this one for example:

The only indication that it's double-sided is in the top left if you notice the extra photo that shows both sides when viewing from the main catalogue (1st attached pic). But it becomes even less clear when the buyer is viewing it from your store (2nd attached pic). It doesn't even show the other photo.

I'm not sure if there's an easy fix for this unless it's more clear in the part titles, or if there's a way to make the main photo for these the double-sided view.


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  • I wonder if being able to filter by 'Sides printed' might at least help. At the moment if I search for 'Head' I can only filter by whether it's decorated or plain, color and gender (unless I'm missing something really obvious!)

    I imagine adding the phrase 'Dual-sided', either as a tag or part of the naming convention could be quite a time consuming process for admin. If left to us to contribute we could technically only change the ones we physically have (as I believe we have to have the part in hand) and I'm sure there are many stores who just don't contribute to the catalog at all. Plus, having just added some heads in the last few days, I only checked the images to confirm whether they were single or double sided - it never occurred for me to check the attributes to see if the 'Sides printed' was correct.

    This sort of connects to the image factor; I never add inventory unless there is a picture (either graphical or photographic), so I will do one myself when I can, but it may be that other sellers are not quite as picky as me and happy to list against the placeholder greyed out 2x4 brick. BL seems to have a policy for dual-sided heads where the main picture shows both front and back in one image, but this relies on either having two heads side by side (not always possible), or having the knowledge to take two pictures and stitch them together. Not difficult for me but someone else might struggle. Also I'm not sure what admin's preference is but I think it's for one main image only.
  • I've moved this to suggestions, I'll take a look at the image layout in stores when i get some time
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