Synchronizing between Brickowl and Bricklink

Hey guys, i am trying to write some code by myself for a custom application to synchronize the inventories between brickowl and bricklink.
I am trying to implement it to work like i have my own database as main storage and synchronize this database with the inventories to both platforms.

i wrote some code to use the xml file upload of bricklink and the inventory bulk api of brickowl to upload the inventory
but i ran into some problems:

1. i always loose some items, in bricklink there are always missing some items without throwing an error they were not inserted
2. it takes very long to finish this process because the bulk ednpoint of brickowl just supports 50 requests per bulk request so this takes for about 26000 lots about 520 bulk request with 50 requests each. The same for bricklink, the xml file upload officialy supports about 1000 lots (it works with 2000 too but takes very long) and the problem with the xml upload, i dont get a proper response which lot got which id. I need the lot ids of both platforms because if i late do some updates or deletes for some single lots i need the lot ids to manipulate them on each platform

I just wonder if some of you know how this could be done in a proper way to work better and maybe get this working for inserts/updates/deletes


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  • You may want to take a look at our help page here as there are many existing tools already

    You should only be uploading your inventory once, and then after that you update your existing inventory. You certainly should not delete and then re-upload your inventory as this will empty every customer cart in your store.
  • yes i know there are existing tools, but my requerement is to have my own script. I know to update the items instead of deleting them (sorry for those requests to the api😅)
  • Hi HSB - I'm 100% with you on wanting to create your own. I did the same with my app BrickTrac! I recommend joining the InSpace discord group - Inspace has one of the existing sync solutions, but the discord group has multiple brickowl developers and lots of support for API questions.

    Also, to answer your question - the "proper way" of syncing is not to erase and reload every lot every time. It's to monitor inventories constantly and surgically correct discrepancies as soon as they occur. That way you're making 1, 2 or 3 lots changes and a time, not thousands.
  • it's been my understanding that brickowl has disconnected from the bricklink database quite some time ago. and considering the current drama over bricklink deciding for the community that all the historical data that has been built by the community over the years is disposable upon their discretion with no care for what the community thinks, is it maybe time that brickstock, bricksync and other similar start thinking about adding the option to make the brickowl database the main source instead since it's not 'corrupted' and seems to be run more aligned with the community? my fears are that at some point bricklink will become so unusable as a resource that we'll not only be forced to not use it, but will also lose whatever tools depended on it....thoughts?
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    InSpaceSync can use Brickowl as the primary, but the BrickLink catalog is just larger right now. Besides that, for sync it is no issue, but for editing I can't use Brickowl's images because of licensing issues. Meaning you can't make a tool like BrickStore for BO right now if you wanted.

    ?> catalog

    Primary: BrickLink


    Book: 6776
    Catalog: 4726
    Gear: 18454
    Instruction: 11707
    Minifig: 16268
    Original Box: 19358
    Part: 81865
    Set: 19357
    Total: 178511


    Gear: 11190
    Instruction: 11051
    Minibuild: 1604
    Minifig: 15362
    Original Box: 15830
    Part: 66233
    Set: 18475
    Sticker: 3865
    Total: 143610


    Book: 3748
    Catalog: 5194
    Gear: 10138
    Instruction: 8314
    Minifig: 14701
    Original Box: 12644
    Part: 107988
    Set: 18558
    Total: 181285

    * Brickscout includes all colors, so +- 40K parts, I need to fix that.
  • Bonsoir
    J'ai un soucis j'aimerais ouvrir une boutique bricklink mais je n'arrive pas a transférer l'inventaire brickowl sur bricklink
    Je télécharge l'inventaire brickowl en format XML et quand je veux l'ouvrir sur brickstock j'ai toujours un message d'erreur je ne sais plus comment faire...
    Si quelqu'un a une solution...
    Merci d'avance
  • I can help you with that, feel free to contact me.
  • Bonjour erwinNL
    Oui je veux bien de votre aide😊
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