buyer with multiple shipping addresses

Hi all,
As the title suggests, I have had someone buy from my several times, the billing address (Country 1) is always the same (in a different country to me and the shipping addresses, both of which are Country 2). Now this is where things get stranger, the shipping addresses differ, of the 5 orders I have had from this person, there have 4 different shipping addresses. I'm just wondering if this is something I should report, or if this is normal/nothing to worry about?


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  • Maby they are a reseller of some sort, and they are the middle man/woman.

    They might place thr order for the people where it gets shipped too..

    If everything is well for both i dont see a real problem
  • Yeah, I mean that's what I thought, I get the money through paypal with no issues, and I haven't had any messages about missing orders or anything like that.
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