Sorting bricks by set


As in probably many cases, my kid has lots of lego set that got mixed up together. As a result, it's very challenging to ever rebuild a set.

We could spend considerable time trying to search all bricks and recombine them to their respective sets.

But, when I wondered if a machine exists that could do this, I found multiple examples, among which a youtube video of a lego sorting machine at 3brick.

So, I was wondering if you currently offer or intend to offer in the future the service of sorting big boxes of legos supplied by customers into their respective sets, if supplied with the set numbers or booklets of those sets?

I found no such service so far (please point me to it if it exists)

I believe there must be numerous kids with lots of lego sets that are very labour intensive to recombine, and enough parents that would want to pay to get everything reorganized instead of buying new sets.


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  • Heh, I may do it with my son =). Never offered it as a service, but we like to go through myriad of parts and sort them and discover sets and etc. About 95% of City series and subthemes of City and - well basically everything except for Technic sets have been bought as used bulk parts and this has been going on for years.

    So if someone would be willing to pay for sorting including shipping to me and back, then I'd be happy to take it on. We can sort them simply by colour, filter out knockoff parts, map missing parts and sort them by set =). If there is a list of known sets, then it is even easier =). But it is no onenighter - it takes roughly a month to go through 15kg of unknown unsorted parts without instructions.
  • Hi!

    Thanks for the offer! If you had instruction booklets and thus knew which parts were in there, how long would it take you then to sort 10kg of unsorted parts manually?

    To estimate shipping, on which continent are you located? (US? Europe?...?)

    If you need to spend a big number of hours to sort everything, it would become very expensive, no?

    Another thing would be the risk of sending a lot of bricks worth a not insignificant amount to someone, but that's a fact with any sorting service ofcourse. 😁
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