Let sellers define their own custom regions for shipping zones

I am currently in the process of entering new shipping prices (2024) and at the mean time re-evaluating my shipping setup.
There are a few predefined regions, but at least in my case, none are really useful as - again: at least in my case - there are a lot of different shipping rates for different sets of countries. More over, I do not want to ship to all countries within a predefined region.

Because of the way shipping is set up in BO, I must re-enter all countries for each shipping method. This is cumbersome and hard to maintain.

So I was thinking: would it be feasible a seller defines their own "private" regions (sets of countries), which he can easily re-use when defining the shipping methods? It would help at least me a lot, I wonder if other sellers would see this as a useful feature as well.


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  • It would be a useful addition I agree, as you could set regions based on how your country's postal service defines them.
  • After you have created a shipping method, when you next create a shipping method, you can base it on the previous one. So you can easily copy the selected countries that way.
  • I use that copy feature to copy dimensions configurations.
    Like an XS parcel is max 60 cm width, and so on.
    I need to make copies of those configurations for each region I ship to. This is in my case four: Benelux (3 countries) , Europe 1 (4 countries), Europe 2 (12 countries), World (8 countries).

    You are right I could turn it around and first create one size configuration per group of countries, but in that case the problem is shifted to the re-use of configurations becoming prone to errors.

    Now, that being said, what I am thinking now is : why not offer "Configuration as Code" for shipping? I can download a full configuration as an XML or JSON, alter or extend it in a script editor (with my own macros and what not) and re-upload it
    It seems many BO sellers are quite tech savvy and would find their way in such "configuration as Code". The others can of course still use the UI.

    I see these "configurations as Code" appearing in more and more systems, exactly to facilitate complex configurations and avoiding cumbersome and error prone manual UI interactions.
  • And to extend to my own comment: also very useful to create backups of a shipping configuration.
  • Okay thank you for the response, I understand the issue with the suggestion I provided
  • Taking a look at this again, I realise it's not easy to copy/paste the countries from one shipping method to another. Would that resolve the issue if that was fixed?
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