Piece missing from order and no response from seller.

I placed an order on December 4th from a seller with 93% feedback. The order arrived late in the afternoon on Friday December 15th. I opened it up, did an inventory and found that one piece was missing. I had ordered 36 pieces and received 35 pieces. The missing piece was one of three skates I had ordered and was priced at ($0.45). I was scrambling to prepare for a Christmas party, so I did not message the seller until a little after 8PM my time which was 7PM their time. It was late on a Friday night, so I did not expect a quick response.

I did not get a response at all over the weekend and late Monday afternoon I decided to send the seller a second message about the missing piece in case the first was just overlooked.

It is now early Tuesday afternoon and I still have no response.

Am I supposed to notify BrickOwl about something like this? I have not left feedback and do not feel I should name the seller yet. I am new here, I thought I should ask the community what the appropriate wait time would be before leaving negative feedback and naming the seller.

If the seller responds and either sends the missing piece, refunds the cost of the piece, or at least offers me a credit in the amount I paid for the piece, I will consider the matter resolved and not feel the need to give negative feedback or name them.

I don't see an FAQ here to answer these questions, so I hope you can guide me.



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  • It has happened few times to me too. So far I can't recall that I would have had to leave a negative feedback, but there have been some unpleasant purchases.

    As all the sorting and etc. is done by a human, then it is not so unusal to have mistakes in some orders. Most commonly the missing part or incorrect part would be credited/refunded. Sometimes, but usually not so often, the missing part will be sent separately.

    Regarding the response time - I check the dispatch time. The response time can not be more than the order dispatch time for that store. If they are not responding, then open a claim through BrickOwl.
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    Under Brick Owl's Ts&Cs communication should be within 48 working hours (see attached image). However that could be open to interpretation, although I as a seller understand that to be two working days.

    As a seller I am regularly checking my store so it would be pretty obvious to me if I had an unread message or one that needed action. I think you're right to message a second time as a bit of a nudge, but if you hear nothing by tomorrow I'd raise an issue against the order.

    Best of luck.
  • @Jay37 I try to use this legal definition in my own interactions with my customers:

    Working Days means working days of the Company.*

    With the Company being BO, and on 24 / 7 for the most part, what I try to do it respond ASAP within 48 hours.

  • Even if you ignore Sat snd Sun, it has now been 48 hours, 38 minutes since my first message and there has been no response. Add in Sat snd Sun, it goes up to 96 hours.

  • Still no response, but I will wait until Friday before I complain to BrickOwl, post negative feedback and name the offending store.

  • Unless it was a really expensive item I'd just get on with life. Pretty much every time I've reported a piece missing it's been refunded or another one sent (which costs the seller a lot in postage). We're dealing with people and mistakes happen. I usually order few extra pieces now just in case there is a miscount. I've only ever been disappointed with one seller, colours were wrong, parts dirty etc. I did message them but they blanked me. Should have left poor feedback really, might still do it. Mainly had great experiences here though, last positive experience was a delayed ordered, seller coms were good and they refunded after 2 weeks. Order turned up same day as the refund so I sent the payment back as a PayPal gift. They were really appreciative so glad I did. Karma comes back around.
  • The part could be sent to me in a regular letter envelope with just a first-class stamp for less than $1.00 including the cost of the envelope. I would have accepted it being included in my next order from them but after 6 days of no response, I don't think I will give them my business again.

    I did have a seller send me the wrong color on my first or second Brick Owl order. They offered to send the correct part and I told them to wait until I placed another order with them and include it with that order. I placed another order later that day and once I received the second order, I left them positive feedback for both orders. I figured it was an honest mistake because of the way the part is listed in the Brick Owl system. The part is listed as

    Vehicle Console with Black Steering Wheel (73081) Blue

    I think they saw black in reference to the steering wheel and missed the blue at the end which refers to the color or the column which resulted in them shipping a black steering column.

  • For a $0.45 piece missing, or 1/36 th of the order, a complaint this fast and a negative feedback this fast, might be a bit fast indeed.
    I understand you are not happy, but given the holiday season, the seller might be taking a holiday or some time off for friends and family. Taking into account many sellers on BO are doing this as a hobby (I believe so), this shouldn't be judged or handled too formally, in a way you would judge a corporate business.
    (In my country, it's even hard to get a reply from a big corporate telecom provider within 10 days, so maybe I'm a bit more relaxed towards hobby sellers)
    That's of course how I look at the situations when doing business on BO.
  • I waited 15 days and got no response so I left UTBrick a negative feedback. Unless there has been a medical emergency, there is no excuse for 15 days without replying to a message. For those that may have missed it, the seller was UTBrick. They have 4 negative feedbacks and 1 neutral feedback. In my opinion, 90% feedback rating is someone to avoid.
  • The seller finally contacted me on Jan 01st, and said he had been having a personal issue that had kept him from checking on the store. He apologized and sent the missing piece out to me. I deleted the negative feedback after receiving the piece and wish I could delete this thread or at least remove the seller's name but anyway, I am ok with the seller now. If someone knows how I can delete or edit a post here to remove his store name, please let me know.

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    @GuapoPogi I think you can only edit a post within a few minutes of posting. After that I think it's not possible, although maybe you can get in touch with admin and ask them to remove it.

    Edit: yes, looks to be about six or seven minutes to change your post (the little cogwheel top right of your post allows this) but I can't do anything about my earlier post.
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