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If you want to buy something its always quite a bit to decide with shop. Is there a possibility to add a filter that just desplays shops you already have a shopping cart? And, due to importfees is it possible to filter just EU countries?


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  • Both options are available.

    In the top corner of the page, you have your profile " Hello xxxx"
    Click on this, and you get a dropdown menu, here you should have the option for "store carts"
    If you have previously been to a shop and put something in the cart, those stores will be in that menu.

    For choosing specific stores, you do that when you look at the "lego" you want to buy.
    As you can see in the attached picture, the "middle" menu bar, just under the color chooser, you have the "filter" to choose the stores you would like to buy from.
  • I know and I know, however the filter Europe does include Great Britain and other non EU countries. Since you have to pay taxes on imports to the EU it would be useful filter.
    The other when I want to buy more Lego pieces and have a store cart already it is marked with a shopping cart in the shop list, however if you have a couple of hundred shops to scroll through it takes a while. Therefore I like to be able to see just those shops I already have cart at.
  • I believe there is already a filter for the EU?

    We have now adjust the buy tab so listings for stores where you have an existing cart will appear at the top
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