Hi, can anyone help or has anyone any suggestions, a newly registered customer placed a large value order in my store and now wants to return as his words "ordered unnecessarily". Has anyone any advice on where we stand on this please.
Thanks Paula


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  • Legally? It depends on whether or not you're a private or business seller, and the law in your and your buyer's country.

    In you're both in the UK, and you're a private seller and did not specifically offer the customer an option to return, then you don't have to accept it. However, if the buyer believes you to be a business (including self-employed) or are acting like a business, they could still contact the Trading Standards local to you, who may investigate. If you do accept their return request, the buyer should pay for shipping (you should suggest they use a tracked and insured method).

    If you're a business the buyer has a legal right of return, providing they notified you of their intention within a 14 day period that starts the day after their order was delivered. They are allowed to have inspected the goods, but must return them in a re-sellable condition. The cost of return delivery should be borne by you (the business) unless you explicitly stated before the sale that in the case of a return the buyer is responsible.

    I've never actually been in this situation but I think I'd probably just accept the return request, just to avoid any unpleasantness.
  • Thank you for your help
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