Syncing of parts associated with figures

Like many I sell on Brickowl and on the "other guys"
The "Other Guys" have been established long before Brickowl, why would Brickowl not sync the parts included in a minifigure. Take TLM-066 for example. The "Other Guys" do not have the red piece of resistance, but under Brickowl the red piece is included as part of the figure. Things like this should be updated, to keep things in sync?


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  • 1. I believe your position assumes "the other guys" to be the de facto authority on minifigure inventory. In practice an inventory may arrive here before there because of reasons and unwritten rules and whatever other internal chaos may be going on at the other place. That being the case, I suggest you try to get "the other guys" to sync their inventories with this one. Good luck with that. And for what it's worth, I'll wager that the volunteer admins "over there" are frustrated with corporate policies. Anyway.

    2. I believe you are welcome to create a new catalog entry here that will match the catalog entry there. Or you can suggest an edit to an existing inventory. I don't know the criteria for acceptance of these things is, but if it is something you want to happen here, roll up your sleeves and make it happen. Don't expect someone else to do it.

    3. Administration here is good with communications, unlike "the other guys". Pretty sure if you want to take on the challenge that administration here will provide guidance.
  • If the new owners of "the other guys" would determine what the "correct" minifigures are for each set, and force "the other guys" to conform in their database, then it would make sense to use them as the final word from an inventory perspective. But regardless of ownership, it's still just a fan site inventory database over there (albeit a long-running and well-established one), and by no means are "the other guys" perfect either in data or consistency. But it's not a bad resource to consult when you're looking to confirm whether your set is complete or to update the inventory on this site...just don't always assume that they're error-free, is all.
  • Brickowl's catalog derives directly from The LEGO Group's APIs, as far as I know, just as BL's does. From then on, any refinements are all done by site users. TLG normally puts out minifigs without accessories in its API. It is likely in this use case (the Emmet minifig), someone on BL added that variant to their catalog. BO can also offer that variant if someone submits it here for consideration. :-)
  • @Calibrick you are misinformed re BrickLink. They ignore LEGO's whatevers because LEGO's whatevers are sometimes inaccurate relative to what is actually in the box. BL requires a human being to physically open a set and do a part-out. Then they have specific guidelines for a minifigure…it must be from an official set, must conform to the assembly as shown in the instructions for the set, should not include hand-held items (which has caused an uproar because *nobody* wants a Wolverine without his claws), and a bunch of other stuff that has changed this way and that (things attached to feet) over the years. If you are masochistic, you can find the BL minifigure pain at number 6 under their guidelines for adding items.
  • @mfav clearly I am misinformed! My apologies to all who read my post. I simply cannot fathom that a LEGO-owned site does not use LEGO's API (data delivery system) and its inventories? It automates all the current sets inventories and contents. For older sets, all sites have to discern and enter the inventories manually, as that data is not available from LEGO. I am deeply shocked that they do not use THEIR OWN automated inventory delivery system !!!!
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