is my store open?

hello i have a weird question if my store is open yes i put it open in the optei but now it is coming i upload new parts every day and since the last update of brickowl i have this problem the last order i received was last december year on December 30 and from that date no more 1 order and I had this once before then I had uploaded my entire inventory again and this is not the case now so no visitors either in some weird way can someone tell me help with this a site operator or someone else store link is i hope someone can help me greetings wolfpackbricks


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  • Hi, seems open to me here in the UK. No message saying you're closed and nothing to suggest any problem.
  • yes it seems that my store is open but I strongly suspect that the traffic towards my store so the customers cannot come to my store in one way or another and if they do can not pay while everything is open iban paypal i have I've had this before that I didn't sell anything for 2 weeks and then an operator checked it and that was because I had uploaded my inventory again, but that's not the case now
  • Looks open to me too (uk)
  • It's open to the United States, and shows dispatch in 1-2 days, so should be displaying at the part-level catalog of sellers also (Buy tab).

    I did notice as a US buyer the first item I looked at (see below re pricing - small technic cross-block connector) is marked Request a Quote. For me, I'd automatically move on unless it was a unique part I couldn't buy elsewhere... BO buyers truly prefer on-demand purchases and don't like to wait for quotes (though Netherlands to US, I do get it!). But then, when I looked at a separate and much larger part and that one DID offer an on-demand shipping price.

    This makes me wonder if there is something off with your United States shipping calcs? Might want to eyeball those.

    I also looked at your pricing, and arbitrarily picked a single part - it was a Technic cross-block listed as Used (Like New) for 0.059 (US dollars) that you just added to your store. I then looked at 1 x 6 x 5 Girder Rectangular (64448) in white for $0.478 marked as on sale, implying it's normally higher-priced. This was also marked Used (Like New).

    I didn't see anything crying out re your prices for that condition at all - but I have observed for my buyers that they either buy New OR Used (Good). My Like News get pretty ignored (along with the higher price point for that condition) unless it's a minifigure. One idea may be to consider changing the condition to Used (Good) but use the Public Comment to write "Like New condition!". I've seen other sellers do that, and honestly, do that myself.

    I think when people hit a wishlist, I know that for ME, I personally limit the condition to Good for my personal builds. Since good should only have minor playwear (no bitemarks, etc.) - basically just light scratches or note otherwise - that works for my personal builds perfectly. Maybe others do the same, which is limiting your outreach? Just another idea to ponder.

    Good luck, we've ALL been where you are!

    And we're all seeing a sales downcrease right now for January to boot (this is typically my biggest month, and it's down to barely 2018 sales levels), likely due to the impact of inflation at this time.
  • hello I have tried to remove Request a Quote almost everywhere now, so no more quotations for anything, I think that is also better, completely my mistake, I read a piece somewhere about those quotations and thought to click them, so don't do it with normal parts
  • question when I look at my parts it says under the image of the parts 2 option to check this I had checked and I have not done this anymore so now everyone can buy again without a quote right or do I have to here check something hope someone can help me my store is
    because I have the feeling that my settings are not right because I have now unchecked featured and power quote which one can I check without nothing happening and can just sell who can help me sorry for my questions but it is difficult to find on the internet cg brickowl site
  • any how can help me please store settings so I can open again? Greting's Wolfpack Bricks
  • Your store is open, it's just not receiving orders.
  • it's just not receiving orders.?and how do I solve that problem is this in a setting?
  • You are a store of 30,000+ competing with other stores with 100,000s or even 1,000,000s of bricks. So you're a corner shop versus a corporate giant like Amazon. You will receive orders when you have the parts people want at the price they're prepared to pay.
  • Hoddie raises a fair point - you only have 1600 unique lots. Your goal is to show up when people buy their wishlist, and that tends to be based on the number of unique parts a store hits and in what quantity, then based on cheapest.

    Once you get those numbers up, you'll start to hit more wishlists and see more orders, no doubt. BTW if you have not done so already, I recommend you ensure you are part of the Rebrickable affiliation, at a minimum - I get a surprising number of orders via that affiliation (there are extra fees for that).
  • hey yes I also checked all that and kw lego what I still have a small 100 kilos without minifigs and a lot of minifigs they will also be online and I upload parts every day but I no longer check what is under the photos at parts
  • Seems open to me too, it works fine.
  • i hope check out will work also and i koop uploading parts
  • What others already said, you have a small(er) store, so you won't be popping up with many searches with wishlists.
    And January is slow for everyone (most) (since the last few years, before that January was great since LEGO closed the PAB during most part of January).

    I think you have to look at your shipping settings.
    There are things not correct, or at least missing.
    Looking at Netherlands, there is 0-20 and 0-50 (why both from 0) and after that there is no more letter shipping, while there are 2 more options at least.
    From there it goes to Letterbox (ik neem aan brievenbuspakje), check those dimensions and weight, remember that you need some room for packaging. (and that goes for other shipping options as well).
    Not sure if the settings for the other shipments are correct, but worth to take a look.

    Last but not least, all your items are marked as like new.
    For parts that are at least 25 years old that seems odd.
    Maybe they are very good looking, but like new?
    Perhaps buyers looking for vintage parts don't trust this and move on.
  • @BasKrie is LEGO why January was always my largest selling month (your closed PAB note, above)? I always assumed it was because people had a bit more $$ to burn post-holidays, I had no idea there was a practical driver behind that, lol. I learned something today, thanks!

    FYI, this January is my slowest since opening in 2018, but I am still getting steady smaller orders. STILL adding stock from a massive lot I started inputting in (ugh) late 2021 (what can I say, I work full time plus run a household - this is a side gig to help fundraise and offset my very expensive hobby! <s>).
  • I do echo what BasKrie says above (see my earlier post) - you may see more sales bulk changing them to the Used (Good) condition and placing "Like New" as a public note. You may have to tweak your pricing a touch, though, for that.
  • i will set the new inventory to good condition and i will look tomorrow at my shipping settings in the meanwhile i keep uploading and thanks for the adice
  • @Calibrick I think this was it :)
    In my believe people have less money to spend, it's mostly spend for the holidays (at least for me that's the case.
    In numbers it's a bit hard to see. 2018, 2019 and 2021 January was the best month of the year. 2020 was a crazy year all around, numbers from that year only represent a very strange epidemic :)
    and last year January was in the bottom 50% from the year.
    So we will see what happens from now
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