Another forum thing.

I don't know if this problem(?) exists on the BO end or on my end, but the last few times I post, the next time I go to a forum page, the previous post is prepopulated in the box. See image.


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  • I've noticed that too. Unfortunately the forum is a third-party tool and I'm not sure I'm able to resolve that. It may be something they fix in an update.
  • I can just confirm that I've noticed that too, but it doesn't bother me =).
  • I've been having the same issue and errr ignoring it. I figured it's a weird browser thing (I'm on Firefox). But this is new in the past few weeks (I do think there was a browser update in that period).
  • Same issue here too
  • This morning I got on the forum using the iPad (different device) and the comment box was prepopulated. This leads me to believe the message is getting cached on the server side somewhere.
  • Just my IT. notes on this.
    @Lawrence i think it must be a problem with the "Drafts" saving feature.

    I can see my latest draft / answer on a topic has been saved and can be accessed at our quick links.
    If we delete the draft there, it also goes away when you will leave a new comment.
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