How to kick off my sales?

Dear Brick Owl members

Still quite new to this site, do you have sone advices on how to kick off my sales?

This platform is quite good and would positively look for some mentoring here.

Thanks in advance,


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  • I've come close to buying a couple of polybags from you before now, your prices are reasonable but completely buggered by the shipping costs.

    You also have terms and conditions that constantly refer to Bricklink rather than Brick Owl, and some that are completely unenforceable, which is a real turn off.

    You're not allowed to add PayPal fees, suggest buyers use "friends & family" nor add fees for packaging (these should be included in your shipping prices). You also say on your shipping page that insurance is recommended, which infers that lost/damaged orders won't be covered if the buyer doesn't pay for insurance.

    The genius of Brick Owl is that you can't have terms beyond those enforced by the platform. You set the price of your products, the price of your shipping, and that's it.
  • Thanks a lot for letting me know those issues, let me fix this immediately.

    For the shipping ask for a quote and let me know what’s wrong.
  • Have also corrected the payment method to the correct paypal.
    If you order from my shop, I will give you a Black Friday discount!
  • Welcome to BO, @brickos - we wish you and your store great success! :-)
  • Thanks a lot and looking forward to help our customers
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