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Hi @Lawrence,

We like the new graph! We've noticed that the graph scale over 30/60/90 days is OK. On the Year/Lifetime charts however the scale seems to imply we have around triple the parts that we actually do. Is this just related to the data retention for the chart?



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  • I too also love the concept of the new graph, but I'm seeing issues that don't seem to correlate to my stock, unless the Y axis (I think that's the bottom/horizontal) months showing are across years? Also, it would be FAR more useful if the X axis (I think that's vertical/side) auto-rescaled (meaning the X/Y point is not 0, but maybe the lowest number in that data range) when you changed the range, e.g., from default (assuming that's lifetime) to year, or X days. A flat line showing above 150k isn't useful at all. :-)
  • The graph uses the same timescale as the two graphs at the top of the page. Change the date range and the graph will change.
  • My stock levels are usually between 200,000 and 250,000 but the scale of the graph only goes to 200,000 on the 30 days, so I just get a flat line
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    We have over 400K parts right now. I checked the 30/60/90 days charts and they look OK. Mainly flat line, but that's expected as we've been adding parts to the inventory very slowly. But the Year chart shows a growth from 150k to 200k only – with a single spike of 300K parts around midsummer (image included). So, not very useful so far.
  • I love data! Thanks. I would also like to see the graph for Lots (excluding 0 qty lots) over time.
  • @Hoddie as minifigsforlife noted, I did change the timescale - but the graph operations 0 to your top-end, so you cannot see any detail at all, creating a flat line at the top of the chart, when in fact I've been entering inventory left and right the past year.
  • It would be very useful, if it didn't start at 0. We have over 800,000 pieces in our inventory, and showing from 0 to 800k on the graph makes the line look about flat. It would be nice if the lowest point on the graph only went a little lower than the lowest inventory count in the selected timeframe. For example, if in the last month my inventory never dropped below 750k, then the graph shouldn't go much lower than that point so I can see the fluctuation in my inventory a lot better. As of now, it's hard to see much of anything with it.
  • Hopefully it should be looking a bit more useful now
  • Thanks Lawrence!!
  • The auto-scaling means the chart is much more useful! Thanks.
  • Indeed better now, it was flat at the start ;)
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    It works great now – at a glance we realized it's time to replenish our stock! :)
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