Seller sent me the wrong set

I've made several successful purchases using BrickOwl and appreciate the site! Thinking of using it to sell some sets in future too.

However I've just received an order from overseas and it's not the set I ordered. (I ordered 40502 but received 40501.)

I've contacted the seller naturally and am waiting for a response. Are there any rules or recommendations for this sort of situation? I suppose if I can't resolve it I can contact Paypal and my bank to dispute and reverse the transaction. But I did receive a shipment and I did receive a set, it's just not what I ordered.

Both the set and the postage were expensive. What would be normally be reasonable? Do I need to warn other potential buyers? Hopefully it's just an honest mistake and we can sort it out.


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  • Hi, sorry to hear that you've had this issue. Hopefully it is just an honest mistake (as a seller I've made a couple in my time - we're only human), but it's still a mistake on the seller's side and they should be responsible for correcting it.

    If it were me I would get the correct set despatched at no additional cost to you and ask that you return the incorrect set. On receipt of this I would then refund your shipping costs for this set out of the original order.

    It sucks on both sides; ultimately the customer is disappointed and it may mean the seller has to suffer a financial hit, however in this case the sets are not exactly the same! How the two were mixed up is anyone's guess but it reinforces the old adage of double checking the order before sending it.

    Fingers crossed that it has a satisfactory conclusion.

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