Suggestion: Add ability to REVERT to prior shipping bands

SUMMARY: In the US, our US Postal Service implements temporary holiday price increases from October - December, then reverting back to the original pre-holiday rates. Briefly thereafter (weeks to a few months), they then implement new price increases for that year. This causes a ton of work for US sellers having the change their postal band rates over and over, when at least one of those updates could be eliminated if there was an ability to "revert" the selected band back to its previous rates.

Suggested Implementation: If BO had the ability to preserve up to say the THREE last "saved" versions of each shipping band, users could then have a new option for each band: revert to previous rates/settings. It pops up the save dates of the last three (or even two, worst case) saved "versions" of that band, including all settings and rates. Based on the save date, users can then choose which band to "revert" to.

I suggest preserving the last three (or absolute worst case two), because once we change a band to its new rates, we may have spotted a typo and have to go back in and save it. I suggest selection by date, as we all know that we'd want to revert back to say the March settings of the prior year.

I also recommend constraining to a specific number so the system's DB doesn't have to endlessly save 100s of band versions over years for every seller... that just sounds messy and not great for system performance.

Just a respectful suggestion for consideration that would save US sellers at least one round of the nightmare of updating our rates every year! :-)

If you like this idea (or pity us US sellers <s> - or if you have similar "temporary" rate increases that revert in your own country - please consider upvoting this! :-)

Also would love to see other ideas for implementation, this is just what popped into my head is all. :-)


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  • I think possibly you could create a new shipping method, based on your existing method (duplicate it). You can then set the winter rates on that, and disable the other methods. Then disable/enable when the season ends.
  • Hmmm that is a workaround, for sure... though instead of 30 bands I'd have 60 to scroll through, but I could certainly live with that. Thanks, Lawrence!
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