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Hi. Is the any "return policy" for a private seller?


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  • Hi Adam! Return policies are up to each seller in accordance with your local laws, regulations, and your own critical thinking. BO policy (terms) state that, "Stores must adhere to their own terms and conditions set out within their stores, and any relevant legal obligations."

    I do recommend if you are a seller to make your terms clear up-front for expectation management - I also recommend you consider any return requests on a case-by-case basis. My store's terms of service state:

    "Cancellations and Returns
    Buyers may cancel their order at any time the order remains in the "processing" status on Brickowl. After that, the item has been packed and is on its way to delivery. We do not accept or refund returns, unless we are in an "oops" situation (see Oops section above) and have previously discussed the issue. Buyer's remorse after an order is on its way for delivery does not constitute grounds for refund/cancellation, as all BO purchases are a legally-binding contract."

    We are not perfect as sellers - if we accidentally shipped a part that might have been damaged or did not mean the definition of its condition (did not pre-vett them closely enough) or the like, it's good customer service and courteous to make it right. Consider trying to look at things from the buyer's POV while keeping in balance a seller's POV, as this is a customer service-driven business.

    I would also suggest you look at each case (BTW, this has NEVER happened to me in four years, so this is how I would do it) in the short- and long-term POVs when defining a return policy.

    Is this a regular customer? Did the return request stem from an action of mine or shipping damage (I personally consider damage in transit "my fault", as that might mean I did not adequately pack it). Is it a new buyer with 0 feedback (which would not preclude my consideration, but the pendulum would swing more to neutral since I have not had prior dealings with them)? Do they have a good reason to want to return it? Did a child perhaps buy it without the adult's ok, using the adult's account? All of these are factors.

    And when it comes down to it, everyone running their business legally - at least in the US - can write off any losses off our taxable profit. That's not necessarily a negative - especially if you are registered as a Sole Proprietorship, and are losing a bundle of your sales to Federal and State taxes.

    My primary attitude is "what's fair" and common sense. :-)
  • Thanks for your help
  • As you are UK based, would be worth reading up here if you aren't familiar with current distance selling regulations.
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